Sunday, September 9, 2012

Not So Famous Place Near Mumbai -PALASDHARI

Well Nowadays Picnic (outdated term) means a visit to a mall or a crowded tourist spot where we end up cursing ourselves and the people around thinking don’t they have better things to do than be here and add to the chaos. Especially if you are living in a metro and specially if its Mumbai with crazy traffic jams and is a living example of India's rising population. Well it had been ages that i had been on a picnic like the good old golden days, so one fine day one of my colleague comes to me and tells me about these places PALASDHARI 2 hours away from Mumbai. Weekends i am the laziest  person on the planet so i was a bit hesitant because we will have to get up at 5 am in the morning. Getting up in the morning is one of the toughest task for me but then a failing relationship and nothing better to do on a weekend so i made myself say yes. So we got up at 5 am  and realized that we don’t even have water left with us for doing essential things every human must do in the morning. But this wasn’t the first time we didn't remember filling water in the tank. Anyways we still managed  as living alone makes you resourceful . We boarded the Mumbai local train From Dadar To Khopoli(Central Line). Also thanks to a couple of married friends who joined us, well thanking them for being married cause their wife packed breakfast for us damn sweet of them. Like the good old days we had our breakfast in the train and then after crossing a station called "Thane" the view became really pretty plus it was monsoon so atleast the weather was with us. You will come across few tunnels on the way and some how making weird noises comes naturally to us whenever we cross a tunnel. The best part was just roaming around in the Mumbai local (where at times moving your hand seems impossible) and checking out the scenery and clicking nice photographs for Instagram. After 2 hours of train journey we got down at Palasdhari, I was so amazed to see such a quiet station near around Mumbai. It was just as it is shown in movies quiet, beautiful and greenery all around.  We started trekking towards our destination which is a small waterfall. I was so happy to have woken up to come here the weather was beautiful and it was so green so nice. On our way we could see greenery as far as eyes could see and mountains and a train track between mountains, somehow that always fascinates me and reminds me of Ruskin bond short stories. Then walking a bit further was very trippy kind of a passage wide enough for 2 people 2 cross, one side was nothing i mean nothing (well I was scared too look down :-) ) and other side had water flowing. Thankfully the trippy passage ended and we crossed a small stream of water, well the current wasn’t strong good enough for a group photo and few selfies, Then out of nowhere emerged a village with small shops. The houses in the village earn money by keeping your luggage safe, and you can freshen up & serve you food as well. So we Kept our luggage changed and started our trek towards waterfall, Well the best part about the trek was everything around was so beautiful and crossed mini streams of water. We reached the waterfall, It wasn’t a big one though, had few people enjoying rain and waterfall. It was fun after a bit of trek we jumped in the natural pool created by the waterfall. After a long trek and swimming we were damn hungry. Personally  i wasn't expecting the food there to be great. I had ordered non-veg Thali (Rs 150) its like a unlimited thali. The price for veg thali is the same only they give a Gulabjamun in the Veg one. Non-Veg thali had Chicken curry and Bhakri( Rice Chapati) well the food was simple yet one of the best I ever had, I ate twice my capacity the food was so fresh and so good I miss it everytime i think of it. So after the amazing food we started our trek back to the station. Was a fun picnic away from traffic, People and pollution.
Palasdhari Station
Scenery on the way

The Waterfall



  1. Amazing photos.
    Looks like a perfect getaway from the chaos of the city, that too so nearby.
    I'll surely plan a visit.