Monday, May 6, 2013

Drive from Ganagtok to China Border

The best places with the best scenic view are never nearby .  This mean getting up early and that i hate. Specially when the temperature outside is 0 degrees. I am sure nobody in their proper mind would want to get out of the bed. Anyways since i had promised my mom that i will not crib. So like a good boy i got up and got ready for the drive. We were going to Nathu La pass but since it was closed we went Baba Harbajan Singh Shrine( ). Nathu La pass is little further than the shrine. We left at 6 am and you need a special permit to go there as this road takes u to the china border. The drives was breath-taking and i was thinking it would have been so much better if we had open jeeps to enjoy the view. I was so glad that i got up early mostly i end up being happy after getting up early. As you can see in the picture-1 We were driving besides the cloud and sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. One side was bright and sunny and the other side was dark with snow clad mountains. The scary part was that the road seemed under construction and a bitter slippery, but it was an adventurous drive. Its an army area so not many people and mostly army men were their . On our way to the shrine was a frozen lake which we planned to visit on the way back. The shrine was still far and you are not allowed in this area in the dark. On reaching the shrine I got out of the car without my jacket as it was so sunny didn't feel the need. But as soon as i got out it was so cold and to top it high speed cold winds were blowing. Within minutes my fingers started getting numb. Realized that the temperature was in minus. Didn't realize it in the car. The shrine is surrounded by mountains and the place is very peaceful and relaxing. It has a nice cafe and a small souvenir shop nearby. You get a special pair of slippers the special thing about them is that if you write the name of the person on the packing of slippers and put it on Baba's feet all sorts of troubles go away. On our way back we stopped at the Frozen lake.It is really beautiful to look at. You will find very pretty and colorful Yak. You can ride on them as well.
picture 1

Lake view 

picture 3

scenic beauty

Our way 

the under construction road

View from the Shrine

Baba Harbajan Singh Shrine

Scenic view of the drive

Yak at the frozen lake

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