Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rs 100 for doing potty

I paid 100 rs to do potty at this place. I was sitting in a nearby restaurant and it ran out of water and I had sudden urge to go but I couldn't. So I stepped out to another restaurant nearby its washroom was full. I couldn't wait so I went to party time. As soon as I entered the manager with 3 waiters around me started looking at me. So I asked the manager can I use the toilet?? HE REPLIED A FLAT NO!!!!!
I was taken aback as I have never experienced it before. Who in their right frame of mind says no to use a toilet. I said I will pay you (I mean I will Order) he didn't understand he said no you cant use. He said you will have to order to use the toilet. I said ok and rushed to the loo. I was damn pissed at the attitude. Anyways while doing potty I was thinking I will politely give him 100 bucks and say give food to a poor guy. But as soon as I came out of the toilet. Waiters with menu card were ready and shoving the menu on my face. So I went to the manager asked him what about your hospitality shit you were though in  your school which ever one you went to. He said management says no to people who want to use the loo first they need to order. It was a bit funny how can order anything when i need to poop like big time, only his management can order for food when they feel the urge to poop. I anyways gave him 100 bucks and said give some poor guy food to eat. He didnt apologise and I am sure must have kept money in his pocket.
Moral- You realise the value of a minute when your on the other side of the toilet.

Charging Port Issue 4th Time in 18 Months!

Residing in Mumbai, I bought Samsung Galaxy NOTE2 for Rs. 36,500/- on December 6, 2012. Considering the brand image, I convinced myself to spend such a big amount saved from my small salary. Within 3 months of purchase, I have started facing problems one after the other.
Please allow me to explain my case in detail.
- First problem occurred within the 3rd month itself. The charging port stopped working. Since it was in warranty period, Samsung replaced it. (Which i was told is a regular problem with this handset)
- The second problem with the charging port occurred again 4 months later . This was replaced again.
- That same time, I was told data cable is faulty and I need to change the same. So I ended up paying for data cable as the warranty period of 6 months is over.
The problem continues and again after 5 months, just few days before my warranty lapse on phone, the newly replaced charging port started giving issues. So I wrote to samsung mentioning why such a problem 3rd time within span of 12 months for a high end phone launched by a trusted brand name.
- I took the phone to the same service centre ( Cool Point Services) where I had given the phone earlier as well. I was told the problem is with the data cable and not with the charging port, which I had bought just 6 months back from samsung centre only. I raised my concern on the quality of cable Samsung provides that could not last for even 6 months. So they replaced the cable with a new one without charging me money.
Again after 6 months I started facing the charging issue. So I took it to the service centre in Ville Parle,Mumbai my earlier 'Cool Point Service' centre was under renovation. The engineer said charging port needs to be replaced and  Rs. 1600 is approximate charges for repair. So anyways, I did not get it repaired as I did not want to waste my hard earned money again on getting it repaired by a company who couldn't resolve the similar issue when the phone was 3 months old. 
- I again wrote to samsung at around 2nd June but no revert from their social media account. I went to the samsung website and wrote to the ceo as well as on social media. I finally got a revert from samsung and I was assured I will be given a solution. Samsung head office team was really helpful in getting my handset picked from my office and I was given a spare handset.  
- Yesterday I got a call from the head-office and I was told that there is liquid damage on the phone's motherboard and even the on/off switch has liquid damage and again the data cable had gone faulty. A total estimate of Rs. 8,500 was given to me.
- I explained to them that this is unacceptable. It is not about not paying the money. It is about faulty product which has issues from the 3rd month of buying.
- Samsung falsely accused me of mishandling my phone and saying this liquid damage only happens on dropping the phone in water. I had told samsung that the phone has not been dropped in water. It is only handled by me and no one else also.
- This is anyways a false allegation as first time when I took the phone to the service centre on June 2, I was told only charging port has issues. Now suddenly the head office person says its my fault. Which I refuse to accept had it been i would have told the service centre as i had gone with the intention of getting it repaired and paying money for it since it was out of warranty. But when the service centre executive told me charging port has issues, then i refused to get it repaired.
- Also, when I asked why such a cheap quality cable that is being replaced for the 3rd or 4th time (sorry i have lost count). He replied that the cable might be faulty because of the motherboard. Then my worry is could the motherboard had issues from the time i bought it as the data cable had been giving me issues. 

Was the Phone always faulty? Was it Because of the motherboard being faulty that data cable got damaged twice within warranty? Why did not samsung check the phone in detail when it was in warranty  as charging issue was constantly happening? 
- Still I was patient and tried telling them I am looking for a good and trust worthy solution. Instead they are explaining me the faults in the phone which they claim is by me. When their (samsung) own product has been giving me problems from the 3rd month of buying. On an average, every 4th month I had to leave my work and run to Samsung service centre. 
- Now Samsung says they will give me some 35% discount in repairing my phone taking in consideration history of the phone . Again, the worry remains as even after spending , what is the guarantee that the phone will not give me problem as this seems to be a faulty product.

- My issue is I am feeling cheated for paying such a heavy amount on this phone. Rs.36,500 is not a small amount and for that facing so many issues within a year of buying the phone. Now I doubt if the phone I bought was in the perfect condition. Even a second hand phone would have not given so many issues.
It is a traumatic experience when you buy an expensive product and it breaks down within a short span of time. It is equally harassing if the company from where you have bought the item refuses to replace it or simply keeps making excuses instead of solving the issue and accuses you of mishandling the phone.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Half Cheese Story!!

So it was Friday the 13th for me work wise. Too much work on a Friday can be really bad specially when you are expecting it to be a light day at work. So i had back to back meetings and then finally in the afternoon around 3 PM i reached Office. Well first i did not find parking as we all know in Mumbai finding a parking spot can be really tough. So well i had to park  my car far from my office. It was drizzling so i didnt bother much. As soon as i started walking it started pouring and then rest was a wet history. Reached office and then was really hungry. So i thought of treating my self to a non healthy meal as i have been on a diet. So i thought Mcdonalds for my  supercheat meal. First rains are always a good excuse to eat something highly unhealthy, ya so on Reaching Mcdonalds i ordered my favourite Filet-o-Fish Meal ( Fries and Coke ). Well if your doing something wrong might as well do it properly so definitely fries have to be included. So since i am back on instagram so its kind of a ritual to click and share every meal i eat. So I started clicking picture of the box, then the burger and then i thoughts lets go extreme and click the tartar sauce and cheese slice with fish fillet. So to my surprise i saw only half a cheese slice. I was kinda shocked so i went to the manager and asked why half cheese slice? He replied saying sir we put half a cheese slice in Filet-O-Fish burger. I was surprised at my self as i have been eating this burger for more than 6 years and never really cared what was inside those buns :)
So well a lesson learnt for me! I should check my food :)