Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sukha Puri

Sukha Puri
Well we all talk about the famous Pani-puri ,Vada-pav and Bhelpuri of Mumbai. Some how the complimentary snack Sukha Puri is neglected. If anyone has eaten a spicy plate of GolGappe in Delhi  you ask for a papdi dipped in meethi chutney. Well after a spicy Pani-puri plate in mumbai you get Sukha-puri without asking, its like a thumb rule here. This contains aloo (batata) , Sev and special masala in Puri(gol gappe). It is really yum and most of the times one is not enough, Many times people just order the whole plate of it,i am one of those people who can polish off a plate of this :-)
So if you are in Mumbai ask for Sukha Puri! If you like it you can order for a plate of it seprately.