Monday, December 29, 2014

10 Funniest images of 2014

1) Exercise?? I thought you said extra fries! This one really cracks me up as me and lot of foodies can relate to it. I am not a fitness freak so I am sure can happen with me and many others. So guys be careful.

2) I am definitely not a morning person. So morning people are careful of me. We all have that friend who is a morning person. I have one who gets up early morning and when we are out on a vacation he gets up early and starts moving around in the room. Pretty sure all of you can relate to problem number 2

3) Well guys it's a fact that it's a woman's world. Women are smarter, emotionally stronger than men    
and I am sure most of you will agree with me. This has been presented so well in the image below.                                                                            

4) These are the basic need of the next generation. A smart phone can easily replace Butter roti as I am sure we will be having an app for that pretty soon                                                                   

5) I hate these tiny creatures. I wish there was a spray to kill them. Just love this definition. I mean who said a Chicken Burger has calories. It's the fault of these tiny creatures not that harmless burger!

6) This is a very serious problem in the world and many people including me are suffering from this state. The only cure is to keep eating what you like and don't worry about the weighing scale.             

7) This especially for all my married friends. I am sure the ones who are not married but have been in a very long committed relationship can relate to this well. All the best guys                                       

8) Happens with me all the time. I go to sleep every night thinking I will eat healthy and nonfattening stuff. I wake up and have green tea and fruits. An hour late I start craving for Chole Bhature. Story of my life                                                                                                                                              

9) This is what keeps happening to me. No matter how hard I try my weight keeps finding me back.

10) Cooking seems so easy when you see chefs on TV making it but when you actually start cooking you realize what this image suggests.                                                                                             

Monday, December 22, 2014

AirTel's Pathetic Service! Wake up Indian Telecom providers Wake up

Edited -My services were back after 4 days! I am thankful but my question is does this take that long!
Problem number 1 still not resolved!
My Mail to AirTel! 
Respected Sir/Mam,
I have been a very loyal Customer of Airtel for like a decade now! I used to feel very proud of my self for using the best telecom in India. But recently your unprofessional attitude has really been a worry to me to continue my loyalty towards Airtel. 
My Mobile Number is 98205*****
My email id - vivasvaan.****@******.com
Data left!

Speed Test not even starting on Full 3G signal

What full speed 3G speed i get

I am on roaming so i shifted to a 799 my plan and all the packages i have taken are for 3G data usage. Most of my work depends on Internet and that is the case with almost every one today. Specially for me as i earn my bread through internet so i hope you guys can understand how will it be for me not to have a working internet connection.

Recent Problems : 
1) On 18th December i had lodged a complaint- Issue was low 3g signals at my place and mostly 2G signals coming. It was shocking for me as i used to get full 3G speed at my home. I had lodged a complaint on 18th Dec and no call from your team/ Network Team for further inquiry. The Complaint is still open as of 22/12/14 7 PM IST . Well i guess it must be a joke for you guys not to take your job seriously but i do take my job seriously and my work has been suffering a hell lot since i work from home. 
2) On 20th Dec 2014 i get a SMS from airtel saying " You have consumed 100% of the bill shield value on your airtel mobile. Speed will now be revised" I was shocked on reading this SMS as normally get alerts on using 80% of Mobile Data. On checking my airtel app i saw approximately 1.8 GB 3G data left i thought must be a technical glitch at your end. So i went online to check if my 3g was working properly but no it was not. I called up customer care and explained them the issue their response was sir yes you have 1.8 GB data left so kindly ignore the message the speed will be back to normal in sometime just remember to switch off and switch on the mobile phone. Since that day i have been calling up airtel everyday to ask why is my 3g not working and the reply i get is  give us 24 hours . On 22/12/14 i called up airtel customer care and spoke to the executive around 6:30PM she told me that sir you have consumed 100% of your data as i can see on the system. I was shocked by this response so i sent a message to 121 to check my data usage and the reply was " You have used 3555 MB of 5400MB till 16:00 Hrs on 22/12/14. So on reading out the message i was told that sir the complaint on 18th Dec i still open! Hello Unprofessional set of people the complaint of 18th dec is open and i know that as it has not been resolved but what about this stupid issue of my 3G data not working at all in-spite of having roughly 1.8 GB left. 
Nothing has been done regarding my problem. If i have 3G data left and their is an issue with your back-end team which sent me a message that 3g data usage is 100% and speed will be revised somebody please go and tell them i have a lot of data left and kindly get my speed back to normal. 
AirTel wake up Remember Customer is King! 

Thanks and Regards
Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mumbai to Diveagar Road Trip

Diveagar is approximately 170 Kilometers south of Mumbai along the western coast of India. I am deeply madly in love with this place for only one reason the drive from Diveagar to Shrivardhan. It is one of the best scenic views that I have seen in my life. I mean its just breath taking. One side Mountains, curvy roads similar to the ones you face in hill stations and other side is the Arabian sea. Just check out few images below for you guys to get a idea of what I am talking about as it cannot be described in words. 

Well you will be blown away by this place as it is totally clean, peaceful and easy on the pocket. Diveagar has got a white sand beach. The beach is clean and has a lot of fun activities when its not raining (non-monsoon season). Definitely try a bumper water ride, it scared the shit out of me. Also they give you a option to swim in the middle of the sea by paying few bucks extra. I was lucky enough i didn't had to pay extra for that swim as they needed their boat near the beach. So I was swimming in the middle of the sea for good 15 minutes. Though I had a option to say no, but why refuse a golden opportunity to miss it. It was very relaxing and you are wearing life jackets so its nothing to worry about and no sharks of course. Go to the beach 1 hour before sunset so that you can settle their and enjoy the sunset in peace. It has a lot of hotels but i would recommend the MTDC resort it is the best one their and the food is amazing. Mostly it is full so the second best I would recommend Shree-Ganesh. The drive from Mumbai is not that great as the national highways have single lanes, so avoid travelling at night, but in patches the view is one of the best you will find and just breath taking.