Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 220 Rupees Egg Bhurji & Milkmaid Gola at JUHU beach

Well normally after a tiring and hectic day at work, me and my work friends head to the nearest bar to relax and chill and discuss office gossip and politics. But somehow we were bored of this routine and were planning to do something different, & one of the most important reason was that we didn't have enough money to buy booze, so one of them suggested Juhu Beach for the nice Egg bhurji and milkmaid gola (chuski "Delhi lingo") and chocolate Gola. Honestly i was really tempted to try the Chocolate Gola, as i had mostly while growing up i had heard of Kala Khatta, Rose Flavour etc etc. So we reached Juhu Beach the favorite tourist destination of people coming to Mumbai,its one of the dirtiest beaches you will ever see and the first thing that came into my mind was why cannot it be like decent enough like Baga or Curly beach of Goa, anyways coming back from the goa feel to the crowded noisy juhu beach. First thing i did was to stop at a gola wala to see the milkmaid gola options, pretty reasonable they were for 60 rs as the regular ones were for 50 (KalaKhatta,Orange). I ordered for a chocolate milkmaid gola, it is a combination of milkmaid, chocolate sauce, chocolate pieces and crushed ice. It was really good looking and worth a try, but nothing out of this world, More like bollywood movies just one time watch types.
Egg Bhurji
The most shocking part was the Egg bhurji prices, we had just finished the gola and had ordered for egg bhurji, 5 minutes later one of our friend looking as if he has seen a ghost showed us the menu card seconds later we had the same look on our faces. You guys wont believe it but the egg bhruji was being sold at Rs 220/ at a roadside Dhaba. I mean 5 star people will get complex. Well the Bhurji was nice and the presentation was superb. Now i can proudly say i had Golden Egg bhurji  on a roadside beach stall,

bhurji menu

Gola Menu

Bhurji and gola Shop

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bicycle for my LOVE

Well i didn't buy my love a bicycle but definitely sold mine 18 gear cycle for a date. It was 3rd Semester  of college and i was back home for my vacations. I had met a pretty looking girl through a common friend, she was a really sweet but a bit shy , but gradually we became good friends. I really wanted to ask her out for lunch but was scared thinking she might get offended. Luckily for me she called and asked me if i would like to take her out for bowling(as i had told her i go for bowling with friends often) well i was really excited and started jumping like a monkey then my celebrations stopped as i realized i had partied on the weekend and was broke. A Funny like came to my mind "my wallet is like an onion every time i open it, i cry" . I couldn't ask money from my parents . So the problem was with no money how do i take her out, couldn't have asked her to pay for my share :-p Anyways since it was the first time we were going out i had to at-least pretend to pay for her too for that i needed a decent amount in my empty wallet.  So called up my best friend and he was broke too and he himself was looking for money. But that bugger told me that his driver is looking for a cycle and is ready to pay 500 rs ,at that time 500 rs was a decent amount and i was desperate. So without negotiating i said yes & sold my bicycle. I could have easily sold it for 1000 bucks only if i was not in such a hurry. So 500 rs in my pocket i was all set to take her out. The first hurdle was petrol, my car's fuel gauge was mostly on E. I got 200 rs worth of petrol in my car usually petrol worth 100 used to be enough but wanted to make sure my date does not have to push the car just in-case petrol gets over. So i  picked her up, she looked so damn pretty she smiled at me and hugged me it made me forget all what i went through it was definitely worth it.  So we reached the place and i guess god was with me that day as  being a weekday we got 2 bowling games for rs 200, bowling went well taught her few tips and tricks ( I aint great but for someone new i am decent) and it worked she was impressed and hugged me when she bowled a strike.  S with just 100 bucks left me came the tricky part of asking it she was hungry . So i asked if she wants to eat anything she replied not much lets sit at McDonalds. I was prepared to skip my lunch if she had ordered something heavy. She was like i will have a Chicken Mcgrill and i can't explain the feel words Mcgrill gave to my ears. So thankfully all was within budget

Well we didn't date.I Chickened out when i had the time to ask her out. We moved on!   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tiger Hill Sunrise and Ghoom Railway Track (Barfi Movie Track) and Panoramaic View of Kunchenjunga

I wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting up at 4 am to see the famous sunrise on Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. I am not a morning person and the only time i have seen the Sunrise is while returning home early morning from parties. Anyways my sister had told me that it is worth a watch. So i prepared my-self to see the Sunrise. So we got up at 4 am, it was really chilly and i had to forced my self out of the bed. Cursing myself what the hell will i achieve by watching the Sunrise. People travelling with us were already ready and in hurry i forgot to wear my shoes. Wearing shoes is a must as the road is very slippery in winters with all the snow and its really cold so shoes help you keep warm which i did realize. So i sat in the taxi and it dropped me to a taxi parking spot. From the parking it is a long 15 minutes walk. As i was not wearing shoes and with outside temperature below zero degrees ever step i took i kept telling my self that it was the most idiotic thing to do which i realized while walking to Tiger Hill as i told you earlier road was slippery with dew and snow. The whole time while walking up the hill i kept cursing myself. As i reached the sunrise point thousands of people had gathered to view the sunrise it was like people waiting outside Mannat to catch a Glimpse of Shahrukh Khan. Well to be honest i had never seen the sky so colorful, different shades from dark black ,blue, light blue and yellowish.  Also you are made to get up earlier than usual to get a better view and second i guess to promote the business coffee and tea which obviously is over priced but still helps you keep your hands warm. So there was still sometime so i wandered off to the other end to see the Kunchenjunga, it was snow clad and still dark, suddenly there was a loud noise and people started whistling as if some Bollywood star had actually appeared but it was even better than that  it was the most beautiful thing i had even seen a golden ball emerging from the sky and all my efforts of getting up early had paid off. The Sun rise in Tiger Hill is a must watch so do whatever you have to but do not miss it. Gradually as sun rays fell on the Kunchenjunga the snow clad mountains reflected a reddish light which made it look even more prettier(all has been captured in the images). Then on our way back we stopped to click pictures on the Ghoom railway track (famous train track in Barfi) it was beautiful very simple. You can get a ride in the toy train as well. It has a specific schedule so if you guys are interested it is a must try.

Sunrise -beautifull right

kunchenjunga before sunrise

just experimenting with my photograpy


Snowfall on the plants

Ghum (Ghoom) raliway station

Ghum railway track
Ghum railway track close up 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Drive from Ganagtok to China Border

The best places with the best scenic view are never nearby .  This mean getting up early and that i hate. Specially when the temperature outside is 0 degrees. I am sure nobody in their proper mind would want to get out of the bed. Anyways since i had promised my mom that i will not crib. So like a good boy i got up and got ready for the drive. We were going to Nathu La pass but since it was closed we went Baba Harbajan Singh Shrine( ). Nathu La pass is little further than the shrine. We left at 6 am and you need a special permit to go there as this road takes u to the china border. The drives was breath-taking and i was thinking it would have been so much better if we had open jeeps to enjoy the view. I was so glad that i got up early mostly i end up being happy after getting up early. As you can see in the picture-1 We were driving besides the cloud and sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. One side was bright and sunny and the other side was dark with snow clad mountains. The scary part was that the road seemed under construction and a bitter slippery, but it was an adventurous drive. Its an army area so not many people and mostly army men were their . On our way to the shrine was a frozen lake which we planned to visit on the way back. The shrine was still far and you are not allowed in this area in the dark. On reaching the shrine I got out of the car without my jacket as it was so sunny didn't feel the need. But as soon as i got out it was so cold and to top it high speed cold winds were blowing. Within minutes my fingers started getting numb. Realized that the temperature was in minus. Didn't realize it in the car. The shrine is surrounded by mountains and the place is very peaceful and relaxing. It has a nice cafe and a small souvenir shop nearby. You get a special pair of slippers the special thing about them is that if you write the name of the person on the packing of slippers and put it on Baba's feet all sorts of troubles go away. On our way back we stopped at the Frozen lake.It is really beautiful to look at. You will find very pretty and colorful Yak. You can ride on them as well.
picture 1

Lake view 

picture 3

scenic beauty

Our way 

the under construction road

View from the Shrine

Baba Harbajan Singh Shrine

Scenic view of the drive

Yak at the frozen lake