Thursday, April 30, 2015

Best Indian Street Food in Sydney

During the Easter break me and my friend decided to travel to Sydney. Sydney is approximately 900 KM drive from Melbourne. We decided to drive to Sydney to save traveling cost. The drive to Sydney is the most boring drive ever. It is a long straight road, no great landscape to watch or look on the way. Dead straight drive for 900 KM. Will recommend driving only if 3 or more people can drive, you can take turns and will be a bit easier. Well Sydney welcomed us with rains non stop rains for our stay. The funny part is it only stopped raining the day we had to head back to Melbourne. Anyways returning to the food part of the story, well being born and brought up in India rainy weather makes you want to have Chai & Pakoda( Fried stuff). After 10 hours of driving and covering 900 KM we were really hungry and wanted to eat some nice Indian Food. We had gone to stay at our friend's house in Sydney, he told us about this place in Harris park called "Chatkazz" which serves the most authentic Indian street food, but the dilemma was that it was a good Friday holiday and everything was getting shut early, so we decided to go for drinks and next morning to Chatkazz for breakfast at that place. Whole night I decided what all will be eating, must have got dreams about food that night, don't remember now. So this place Harris park is called mini India, it surely felt like one.
Well around this place you will get all sorts of things to eat that you get back in India like Pan, Kulfi-Falooda and Chinese food Indian style. On finally reaching Chatkazz I was mesmerized by the fragrance of Indian spices, It felt like home. I was amazed at reading the Menu as it had a wide variety of Indian snacks, from Dosas to Missal Pav to Jalebi, you think of a Indian snack it will be on their menu. We ordered Dabeli, Vada Pav, Pav bhaji and Ragda Patties. The ambiance and place looked nice though the taste of the food matters the most people forget the rest. One by one our dishes started coming.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav

Ragda Patties
Well the food was good, as good as you get back in India. Everything we ordered was really good, I was tempted to try missal pav but I had to try some non veg curries so thought may be next time. As I told you guys earlier this place has a lot of interesting things to offer in the menu and I guess all of them will be as nice as you get back in India. So give this place a try if you are missing Indian food or want to experience how Indian street food taste like.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Quick and Easy Aloo Patty Recipe!

This recipe is perfect for breakfast and is quite easy to make and can fill you for the long day ahead. It is perfect for students, bachelors, single working people or married people who do not have time to eat breakfast in the morning. For this recipe you will need:

Ingredients(Serves 2 hungry people):
1) Bread (8 Loafs)
2) Boiled Potato( 4 medium size)
3) Chopped Onions(Half Onion)
4) Chopped Corriander 50 gms
For making the mixture
1) Salt(1/2 teaspoon)
2) Red Chilli (1/4th teaspoon)
3) Chaat Masala (1/2 teaspoon)
Mash the potatoes and mix onions, coriander, salt, red chili powder and chaat masala. Then add the mixture on the bread and make a sandwich and then put butter on top of it and put it on a toaster.
Your crispy patty is ready.

See quick and easy. click below for Video

Monday, April 20, 2015

How I lost and found my Slippers(Chappal chori ki story)

A part of growing up in India is getting your slippers stolen from outside a temple. Well, I was lucky in that department that I never faced such a situation. I was very careful and used to wear the ugliest slippers while going to the temple. People leave their footwear outside while entering a temple or a Gurudwara,it is a sign of respect. I remember eating a "Langar", with my shoes tucked inside my shirt. It was free food so I had to eat and I was wearing my favorite shoes at that time. So I was in a dilemma to leave the shoes outside or skip the free food. Leaving an opportunity to eat free food is the biggest sin ever. So I improvised and tucked my shoes under my T-Shirt, I was already very fat,So my belly coming out unusually because of the shoes did not make much of a difference. Sorry getting back to the point. I have shifted base to Melbourne now and occasionally on a Sunday me and my friend visit a Gurudwara. So one fine Sunday evening I and my friend went to the Gurudwara and after worshiping and eating Langar I returned to see my slippers missing from the footwear rack outside. I was amused and my friend too. It was nostalgic, I mean as if we were back in India for a moment. We looked around to see if someone might have kept it somewhere else, but they were nowhere to be found. It is a rule that If someone steals your footwear, you steal someone else footwear. But I preferred walking barefoot to the car rather than getting abused by the supposed person's slippers I would have been wearing.
I was feeling amused than angry as I traveled 10,000 KMS for getting my slippers stolen from outside a place of worship. My mom pacified me saying it is lucky to have your footwear stolen, my sister told me to follow what Amir Khan used to do in PK( tie your footwear with a lock to a pole). People on social media found it amusing too. Anyways a week later, I went to the same Gurudwara and they were lying just where I left them on the shoe rack. Someone must have worn it by mistake and on realizing would have come back to return it. My friend quoted "God must be on social media as well, he saw my update and got the problem rectified. Well thankfully my favorite slippers got lost and came back to me.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pizza Empowerment

I will eat Cheese Burst pizza subah(morning) shaam(evening) raat(night) my body, my mind, my choice

Honestly after eating like this my choice of clothes will be limited and me and my spirit will have to roam naked

My Choice to be a size 20, I wish I could eat as much as I want and still be size zero.

They don’t have a size for my spirit tried at the plus size stores where the choice of clothes is such I rather roam around naked.

To drink diet coke with Pizza is to believe that you can halt the expansion of your waist

Whenever you are hungry your mind is caged, let it free; eat for godsake

My body is not it runs to the nearest restaurant

Let it be

My choice

Sharing my food puts me in a doubt to marry, or not to marry

To have go on a diet before marriage, to have food outside after marriage, or to not have food

Not My choice

To love cooking or keep ordering forever

My choice

To love a pizza, or a burger, or both

Remember; you are my choice, I’m not your privilege

The fries, the garlic bread, adding mozzarella cheese on top, they’re all sides and can be replaced

My love for food cannot

My choice; to order food when I want

Don’t be upset if I order at 4am

Don’t be fooled if order at 6pm, I am still having dinner

My choice; to eat your share or not

My food, your poison

My orders

They make me unique

Wake up

Get out of the shit storm

I choose to cook

Or to order food

I choose to be different

I am the universe

Expanding from every direction

This is my choice

The funniest jokes on social media for India VS Australia

First things first India played really well and I am proud of the Indian cricket team to reach the top 4. You can't win all the matches and yes it was heartbreaking. Shame on a few people who call themselves cricket lovers, who cannot accept the defeat and stand by the team when it is required the most. Well not making this post anymore serious, here are a few funny posts and tweets shared during the match which really cracked me up and there is no harm in just laughing it out rather than getting angry and blaming the cricketers.

1) World Cup Bhale Hi Australia Jeet Geya Ho Lekin... Abhi Ye 4 Saal India Mein Hi Rahega...
Noc Lena Padega... File Banegi... Phir Clearance Hoga... Phir Custom Office Jaayegi... Export Duty Bhi Jama Hogi... Babu Chutti Par Rahega... Etc Etc...
Relax Guys... We Wont Give It Back!

2) Kohli misunderstood Dhoni's statement - "Spend time with Sharma"!

3) At the Stadium
Boss: Hello aren't you coming to office today?
Fan: Sixer Sixer!!
Boss: What are you screaming?
Me: Am sick sir!

4) Text messages back in India when India had lost hopes of winning.

Dear Sir,
My uncle who died in the morning, just woke up. I am reaching office in 30 minutes. Thanks

5) True love

Image- Being Indian (Fb page)