Thursday, January 15, 2015

A disaster with Pasta for my Love!!

It was a fine Sunday morning I was half sleepy and the time was around 11 am. I could have slept till two. I mean that is what Sundays are meant for to sleep till afternoon. But my luck just changed from that moment on-wards. I got an angry text from my girlfriend "how could you forget our Anniversary" and that is when the hangover kicked in. There is a saying "Behind every Successful Hangover there is a promise of never drinking again". The nonstop pings of angry messages from her felt like sharp nails being hammered into my head. Well I had gone out partying with my office friends and I guess I partied too much and forgotten about it. I somehow managed to pacify her and said sweetheart let's not start our anniversary day with a fight and promised to make it up. Surprisingly she didn't stretch it which made me more worried. But that was not the only worry I had the bigger issue was lying in front of me was my empty wallet. I was broke to the core and how do I make it up to her. Well living alone can make you broke that you don't even know where the next meal is going to come. Well that was exactly my problem. I guess have to convert the last nights drinking session into an EMI. I have several of those at the moment. Well what to do to make it special and not really heavy on my pocket. Suddenly the Chef in me started telling me she loves Pasta in White Sauce and Garlic Bread. So I messaged her that come over as I am going to cook something special for her. She was excited and that is what I love about women they like simpler things and for them it is the effort that counts. I had earlier made a White Sauce Pasta and it was pretty nice for a first time attempt. So I was confident of nailing it the second time. I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. I must thank my mom for taking me to the supermarket with her to look for value for money deals. I was experienced in that department. I was the only guy among a group of middle aged women in the supermarket who was checking the price and deals of every item i wanted for my pasta.

Well I had bought almost all of the ingredients. Next I went to Dominos to buy the Cheesy garlic bread she just loves them. I could afford that much plus I could ask for lots of Oregano and Chili-Peppers with it. They were kind enough to give it to me. So I had chopped the vegetables, boiled the pasta and prepared the sauce. She had reached a bit earlier but the pasta was almost ready. She is a big foodie and must have been more excited the see what I had prepared than to meet me. She hugged me and kissed me and went straight to the kitchen. Everything seemed perfect and she looked impressed by the preparation. But luck just was not on my side that day. I had forgotten to add salt while boiling the pasta and now it just tasted bland. All my efforts went into vain. I tried to figure out something but I was no MasterChef anymore. It just looked good and I told her that it is bland and we can order out . But she was damn sweet she ate it and did not find anything wrong with it. She loved it as only my share must have been left. I took the leftover pasta to office; nobody touched it after a bite. Well she liked it and ate quite a handful so i was pretty much happy and till date she has not told me that the Pasta was bad.

PS - We are not dating anymore. She said it wasn't me it was her but i know it was the Pasta!!!

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