Monday, March 16, 2015

Werribee Zoo (Melbourne)

Like every other person new to the city I wanted to check out famous places in Melbourne. So I turned to my adviser Mr. Google. In the list of places to visit in Melbourne Werribee Open Range Zoo was one of them. I have always been interested in Wildlife so I decided to Visit this zoo.

The zoo is African themed zoo and has entry fees of 30.80$ (Australian dollar) and if you got a student ID then you get a discount. This includes a Safari tour, the duration of this safari tour is 40 minutes. I guess this was the best part of the Safari as the driver of the Safari keeps you entertained with all the important information regarding the animals. The only thing that put me off was that not many animals can be seen on this safari tour. I could see Rhino, Giraffe and few other animals though I felt it was a bit artificial as if they were just kept there for the sake of safari. Other animals that can be seen are Ostrich, Antelope and Bison. Since it is African themed zoo, so the safari felt incomplete without being able to see the pack of lions in their natural habitat.
These are few moments I could capture from the safari



Once the safari got over I had mixed feelings as I wanted to see the King of the jungle. Well I think seeing the King is not an easy task anywhere. So after the Safari you get to walk through a replica of Botswana bush. On the way you will come across the Gorillas, this was the second best part of the zoo. You and the gorillas are separated by a thick glass. It was an interesting way to see the Gorillas and the 2 gorillas were quite entertaining.  
Watching the gorilla up-close I was even more excited to watch the pack of Lions like this. The lions enclosure is at the very end of route. Well on reaching the enclosure first I could not see any lions and then on scanning I could see a Lion sitting very far from the glass that seperates us from the lions. Even on zooming my phone to the maximum level this is all I could capture. 
Well it was really disappointing to see only one lion and that very very far. On the way to lion enclosure you come across hippos, cheeetah and meerkat. 

Other side of the zoo yo u can spot Kangaroos, Emu, Koalas and other Australian Animals on a beautiful walk through the Australian journey grasslands. 

Australian Grass Land

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