Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The funniest jokes on social media for India VS Australia

First things first India played really well and I am proud of the Indian cricket team to reach the top 4. You can't win all the matches and yes it was heartbreaking. Shame on a few people who call themselves cricket lovers, who cannot accept the defeat and stand by the team when it is required the most. Well not making this post anymore serious, here are a few funny posts and tweets shared during the match which really cracked me up and there is no harm in just laughing it out rather than getting angry and blaming the cricketers.

1) World Cup Bhale Hi Australia Jeet Geya Ho Lekin... Abhi Ye 4 Saal India Mein Hi Rahega...
Noc Lena Padega... File Banegi... Phir Clearance Hoga... Phir Custom Office Jaayegi... Export Duty Bhi Jama Hogi... Babu Chutti Par Rahega... Etc Etc...
Relax Guys... We Wont Give It Back!

2) Kohli misunderstood Dhoni's statement - "Spend time with Sharma"!

3) At the Stadium
Boss: Hello aren't you coming to office today?
Fan: Sixer Sixer!!
Boss: What are you screaming?
Me: Am sick sir!

4) Text messages back in India when India had lost hopes of winning.

Dear Sir,
My uncle who died in the morning, just woke up. I am reaching office in 30 minutes. Thanks

5) True love

Image- Being Indian (Fb page)

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