Thursday, August 13, 2015

Best Kebabs and Goat Nihari in Melbourne

Well it has been really long since I last updated my blog, this specific post has been on my mind for a very long time. Every time
Goat Biryani

Goat Nihari
I think of this place I end up getting hungry and start eating rather than typing. Well I have finally gathered the courage to to write. This place I am talking about is "Man-O-Salva". It is just next to the Clayton station and that area is full of really nice amazing Indian restaurants. Well Man-O-Salva clearly stands out as the flavour, the smell and taste of the lamb kebabs, goat curry and biryani is simply amazing and it does not make me miss India for food at least. This place is cash only and on a weekend you will have to wait atleast 15-20 minutes to be seated. I had passed through the place many times and the place was full of people. One fine day decided to check the place out, once I entered the place I knew it is the right place, the ambiance was quite simple but I wasn't there for that the smell of the curries and kebabs was enough to judge the place. We had ordered for Kebabs to start with as starters, they were prepared the old traditional way on charcoal giving it that smoky flavour to the minced lamb, it is served with Tandoori Roti (Bread) along with it and some curd. They were melt in mouth kebabs which is what exactly I was looking for in the Kebabs, not like the Kebab Wraps we eat normally in Melbourne. One bite made my travel 10,199 KM within a second, talk about teleportation.
Well it is a tough task to follow for Goat Nihari (Goat Curry) after such amazing kebabs but it did not disappoint, the goat curry was equally good at loads of flavours, the goat was cooked to perfection. Our stomach was full but the heart wanted more and we ended up ordering for a Goat Biryani. The Biryani was also really good, we did not expect the biryani to taste so good after almost eating to our capacity before ordering. The rice were well cooked, the goat pieces were tender and I couldn't find any fault in either of the dishes. So if you guys are in Melbourne and looking for nice Indian kebabs, curry and Biryani then do visit this place. Give me a call if you plan to go, I just need an excuse to visit this place.  


  1. I'm doing a takeaway from there tomorrow!

  2. I just went there yesterday with my mates.... You guys!! :D