Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mumbai Local

Well Mumbai local- The life line of mumbai!! Here are some fun facts about Mumbai Local
  1. It has an Automatic service, People will push you in and Push you out.
  2. It is so crowded that it is impossible to move your hands and legs. People who travel everyday still manage to sleep while standing, eat sukha bhel or popcorn and  surprisingly read a newspaper which is kinda hard to imagine as it is fully packed. Well people fold it into a size as small as a postcard.
  3. For First time travelers put your bag-pack in-front, it acts as a hindrance while boarding the train and also is better way to protect your stuff from theifs and all. Keep your wallets and cell phones in your bag packs it is easier for pickpockets to steal stuff from pockets and they are so good you wont even realize.
  4. You still will find Hawkers selling variety of items from torch, lighters,cards etc. Well must admit they have amazing marketing and sales skills. I many times have bought stuff from them which i never use.
  5. Try buying coupons(6 Months validity they have) so that you avoid the long queue at the ticket counter.
  6. People are really friendly so if you feel lost ask for help.