Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things to Keep in Mind While travelling in Mumbai

They say travelling is the toughest part for every Mumbaikar or people living in Mumbai. Well it is absolutely true. Specially in the monsoon and reaching Office/College can be a task. It takes me normally around 2 hrs to reach Andheri from thane via road, but during one dreaded monsoon day it took me 5 hours just to reach half way. If you can handle travelling then half the battle is won.

Travelling to work and then back to home consumes approx 4 hours for most of the people. Funny thing is people stay in rented house near office and visit their family on weekends to avoid the pain of travelling. Well for me it was tough, Firstly never ever i had traveled in a public transport and then, after that too much time spent in public transport was a harrowing experience. But I have become used to it and don't mind it as it has become part of my life now.

  1. Always carry a water bottle to keep you hydrated in hot and humid weather.
  2. Something to Munch as long travelling time, empty stomach = irritation or might make you loose or temper which is not good (if your reaching office or going back home). Also Munching on snacks is a good way to pass time. Kindly avoid fattening snacks, once a while its fine but not everyday, (you get amazing snacks at railway station and bus station like popcorn,sukha bhel,vadapav etc
  3. A Good pair of headphones well if you love music or love listening to radio then it is an ideal for passing time.
  4. If you are not too much into music then reading is the next best alternative, buy a newspaper and enhance your knowledge and pass your time. Well I was never into reading the newspaper but now I make it a point to read every news possible,
  5. You can carry a Novel if you find  newspaper too boring. To start with you can start reading Chetan bhagat's novels they are quite interesting and you might enjoy them.
  6. Well if you don't have the above habits then kindly force yourself to follow one of them.Will help while travelling

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