Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Down from a Local

Monday, January 9, 2012

Well whenever my friends from Delhi visit me in Mumbai i make sure they travel via the lifeline of
Crowded Local!
Mumbai "Mumbai local". Its a shame if u visit this place and don't travel in the local. Even well know celebs & politicians travel in it though in the non crowded ones and surrounded by body guards but trust me that is not fun at all. One of my friend visited me and i showed her around and then gave her an option to travel by train to save money. So we decided to travel from CST to Vikhroli via local. We boarded the slow local( not speed wise slow, it just has more stops) the sitting places were full perfect for her to experience what it is like in a crowded local. I took up my favourite place near the footboard where the back is supported at least one side of your body is protected . Gradually as  the stations passed by the train started getting crowded and we saw the live example of India’s increasing population and to add to our bad luck was train was running late so more and more people were hopping onto our Train. I was travelling with a girl who had no idea of what was going on, but people i tell you are damn sweet that they make sure that you are made to feel secure when travelling for the first time. So we were 2 stations away and i knew my friend was scared about the fact that how will she get down as we could hardly move our hands, or any other part of the body, I guess people sensed (well you would experience it too if you are in such a situation) they asked if we wanted to get down on the next station ,gradually and slowly we moved through tiny spaces and managed to squeeze through people and finally we got down keeping in mind people climbing up, then pulled my friend to the corner as people are in a hurry to climb the train and at times people are pushed back into the train. Well she was in a mild trauma for a second that how we got down and i just told her this is an automatic service people push you in and push you out. That is a crowded Mumbai local for you :-)

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