Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mumbai Monsoon- The Other Side

Well they say the best time to visit Mumbai is the monsoon time. Well it is true though but for touirst who have come to visit Mumbai because people who have to go to work its a different challenge all together. It is like preparing for a battle once you leave home and no gaurantee of reaching home on time. To prepare for the battle you need an Umbrella this is a must other wise the battle is lost, extra pair of clothes, food for munching as you will be travelling 2 hours extra every day maybe more, water resistant footwear and a towel. Well i don't wanna sound stupid for not liking monsoon as i love the weather, the cool sea breeze and high tide at marine drive. The Tides are so high that the water comes on the road. Enough of good stuff back to travelling woes, Traffic jams are the worst enemy and to add to that there are craters on the roads which further add to the slow moving traffic. A funny statement about these potholes during monsoon was BMC workers are secret NASA agents and creating moon like surface for their operations on Mumbai Roads. Trains run slow, run late and that adds to the already crowded trains. I mostly travel via ac bus to work and during monsoon time it breaks down frequently and don't think ac buses are empty they are as full as Mumbai local. But one positive thing about this place it people never stop, Mumbai never stops. People having 2 Wheelers wear raincoats over there formals or wear there night suits and change into office clothes on office washrooms. The bosses don't complains for coming late during monsoon :-) . But the best part is the garma garam cutting chai and pakode after reaching office makes you alive and then you can enjoy the rains from office window till the time you don't have to leave. And when it rains heavily you spread rumours leave office early today its raining heavily. So u reach late and leave early not a bad deal. The battle starts again on way back home but thats Mumbai monsoon for you no matter how much we crib ,we wait for it every year.

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