Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rs 100 for doing potty

I paid 100 rs to do potty at this place. I was sitting in a nearby restaurant and it ran out of water and I had sudden urge to go but I couldn't. So I stepped out to another restaurant nearby its washroom was full. I couldn't wait so I went to party time. As soon as I entered the manager with 3 waiters around me started looking at me. So I asked the manager can I use the toilet?? HE REPLIED A FLAT NO!!!!!
I was taken aback as I have never experienced it before. Who in their right frame of mind says no to use a toilet. I said I will pay you (I mean I will Order) he didn't understand he said no you cant use. He said you will have to order to use the toilet. I said ok and rushed to the loo. I was damn pissed at the attitude. Anyways while doing potty I was thinking I will politely give him 100 bucks and say give food to a poor guy. But as soon as I came out of the toilet. Waiters with menu card were ready and shoving the menu on my face. So I went to the manager asked him what about your hospitality shit you were though in  your school which ever one you went to. He said management says no to people who want to use the loo first they need to order. It was a bit funny how can order anything when i need to poop like big time, only his management can order for food when they feel the urge to poop. I anyways gave him 100 bucks and said give some poor guy food to eat. He didnt apologise and I am sure must have kept money in his pocket.
Moral- You realise the value of a minute when your on the other side of the toilet.

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