Friday, June 13, 2014

The Half Cheese Story!!

So it was Friday the 13th for me work wise. Too much work on a Friday can be really bad specially when you are expecting it to be a light day at work. So i had back to back meetings and then finally in the afternoon around 3 PM i reached Office. Well first i did not find parking as we all know in Mumbai finding a parking spot can be really tough. So well i had to park  my car far from my office. It was drizzling so i didnt bother much. As soon as i started walking it started pouring and then rest was a wet history. Reached office and then was really hungry. So i thought of treating my self to a non healthy meal as i have been on a diet. So i thought Mcdonalds for my  supercheat meal. First rains are always a good excuse to eat something highly unhealthy, ya so on Reaching Mcdonalds i ordered my favourite Filet-o-Fish Meal ( Fries and Coke ). Well if your doing something wrong might as well do it properly so definitely fries have to be included. So since i am back on instagram so its kind of a ritual to click and share every meal i eat. So I started clicking picture of the box, then the burger and then i thoughts lets go extreme and click the tartar sauce and cheese slice with fish fillet. So to my surprise i saw only half a cheese slice. I was kinda shocked so i went to the manager and asked why half cheese slice? He replied saying sir we put half a cheese slice in Filet-O-Fish burger. I was surprised at my self as i have been eating this burger for more than 6 years and never really cared what was inside those buns :)
So well a lesson learnt for me! I should check my food :)

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