Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Roadside Nan Dal

I wanted to title it as "Roadside Amritsari Dal Nan" but those who love Amritsari nan would have definitely got offended as it is no where close to Amritsari Nan
Tastes so much better than it looks

But there is still something great about this that i crave for every-time i visit Delhi. As soon as i land in Delhi this is the first thing in my mind to eat. I first ate this place while shopping for my school's farewell party at that time it was rs 10 for 2 Aloo Nan and Dal (You get other veggies also but i only take dal) and green chutney with onion and carrot pickle the combination of the crispy aloo nan, pickles,chutney,achar and Dal it is this heavenly taste that makes me not meet any of my friends or family members but to visit this place first thing on reaching Delhi.
Nan Dal Stall

What to expect : 
1) Great food at reasonable price
2) Great hospitality

What not to :
1) Aloo in the Nan 
Not for very Hygiene conscious people 

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