Monday, December 29, 2014

10 Funniest images of 2014

1) Exercise?? I thought you said extra fries! This one really cracks me up as me and lot of foodies can relate to it. I am not a fitness freak so I am sure can happen with me and many others. So guys be careful.

2) I am definitely not a morning person. So morning people are careful of me. We all have that friend who is a morning person. I have one who gets up early morning and when we are out on a vacation he gets up early and starts moving around in the room. Pretty sure all of you can relate to problem number 2

3) Well guys it's a fact that it's a woman's world. Women are smarter, emotionally stronger than men    
and I am sure most of you will agree with me. This has been presented so well in the image below.                                                                            

4) These are the basic need of the next generation. A smart phone can easily replace Butter roti as I am sure we will be having an app for that pretty soon                                                                   

5) I hate these tiny creatures. I wish there was a spray to kill them. Just love this definition. I mean who said a Chicken Burger has calories. It's the fault of these tiny creatures not that harmless burger!

6) This is a very serious problem in the world and many people including me are suffering from this state. The only cure is to keep eating what you like and don't worry about the weighing scale.             

7) This especially for all my married friends. I am sure the ones who are not married but have been in a very long committed relationship can relate to this well. All the best guys                                       

8) Happens with me all the time. I go to sleep every night thinking I will eat healthy and nonfattening stuff. I wake up and have green tea and fruits. An hour late I start craving for Chole Bhature. Story of my life                                                                                                                                              

9) This is what keeps happening to me. No matter how hard I try my weight keeps finding me back.

10) Cooking seems so easy when you see chefs on TV making it but when you actually start cooking you realize what this image suggests.                                                                                             

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