Friday, December 19, 2014

Mumbai to Diveagar Road Trip

Diveagar is approximately 170 Kilometers south of Mumbai along the western coast of India. I am deeply madly in love with this place for only one reason the drive from Diveagar to Shrivardhan. It is one of the best scenic views that I have seen in my life. I mean its just breath taking. One side Mountains, curvy roads similar to the ones you face in hill stations and other side is the Arabian sea. Just check out few images below for you guys to get a idea of what I am talking about as it cannot be described in words. 

Well you will be blown away by this place as it is totally clean, peaceful and easy on the pocket. Diveagar has got a white sand beach. The beach is clean and has a lot of fun activities when its not raining (non-monsoon season). Definitely try a bumper water ride, it scared the shit out of me. Also they give you a option to swim in the middle of the sea by paying few bucks extra. I was lucky enough i didn't had to pay extra for that swim as they needed their boat near the beach. So I was swimming in the middle of the sea for good 15 minutes. Though I had a option to say no, but why refuse a golden opportunity to miss it. It was very relaxing and you are wearing life jackets so its nothing to worry about and no sharks of course. Go to the beach 1 hour before sunset so that you can settle their and enjoy the sunset in peace. It has a lot of hotels but i would recommend the MTDC resort it is the best one their and the food is amazing. Mostly it is full so the second best I would recommend Shree-Ganesh. The drive from Mumbai is not that great as the national highways have single lanes, so avoid travelling at night, but in patches the view is one of the best you will find and just breath taking. 


  1. how beautiful. Would love to do this road trip.

    1. :) thank you ! well it is a must ! go after or before monsoon.

  2. It's truly beautiful. Do check out my list on diveagar as well. It's just so good.