Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tiger Hill Sunrise and Ghoom Railway Track (Barfi Movie Track) and Panoramaic View of Kunchenjunga

I wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting up at 4 am to see the famous sunrise on Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. I am not a morning person and the only time i have seen the Sunrise is while returning home early morning from parties. Anyways my sister had told me that it is worth a watch. So i prepared my-self to see the Sunrise. So we got up at 4 am, it was really chilly and i had to forced my self out of the bed. Cursing myself what the hell will i achieve by watching the Sunrise. People travelling with us were already ready and in hurry i forgot to wear my shoes. Wearing shoes is a must as the road is very slippery in winters with all the snow and its really cold so shoes help you keep warm which i did realize. So i sat in the taxi and it dropped me to a taxi parking spot. From the parking it is a long 15 minutes walk. As i was not wearing shoes and with outside temperature below zero degrees ever step i took i kept telling my self that it was the most idiotic thing to do which i realized while walking to Tiger Hill as i told you earlier road was slippery with dew and snow. The whole time while walking up the hill i kept cursing myself. As i reached the sunrise point thousands of people had gathered to view the sunrise it was like people waiting outside Mannat to catch a Glimpse of Shahrukh Khan. Well to be honest i had never seen the sky so colorful, different shades from dark black ,blue, light blue and yellowish.  Also you are made to get up earlier than usual to get a better view and second i guess to promote the business coffee and tea which obviously is over priced but still helps you keep your hands warm. So there was still sometime so i wandered off to the other end to see the Kunchenjunga, it was snow clad and still dark, suddenly there was a loud noise and people started whistling as if some Bollywood star had actually appeared but it was even better than that  it was the most beautiful thing i had even seen a golden ball emerging from the sky and all my efforts of getting up early had paid off. The Sun rise in Tiger Hill is a must watch so do whatever you have to but do not miss it. Gradually as sun rays fell on the Kunchenjunga the snow clad mountains reflected a reddish light which made it look even more prettier(all has been captured in the images). Then on our way back we stopped to click pictures on the Ghoom railway track (famous train track in Barfi) it was beautiful very simple. You can get a ride in the toy train as well. It has a specific schedule so if you guys are interested it is a must try.

Sunrise -beautifull right

kunchenjunga before sunrise

just experimenting with my photograpy


Snowfall on the plants

Ghum (Ghoom) raliway station

Ghum railway track
Ghum railway track close up