Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bicycle for my LOVE

Well i didn't buy my love a bicycle but definitely sold mine 18 gear cycle for a date. It was 3rd Semester  of college and i was back home for my vacations. I had met a pretty looking girl through a common friend, she was a really sweet but a bit shy , but gradually we became good friends. I really wanted to ask her out for lunch but was scared thinking she might get offended. Luckily for me she called and asked me if i would like to take her out for bowling(as i had told her i go for bowling with friends often) well i was really excited and started jumping like a monkey then my celebrations stopped as i realized i had partied on the weekend and was broke. A Funny like came to my mind "my wallet is like an onion every time i open it, i cry" . I couldn't ask money from my parents . So the problem was with no money how do i take her out, couldn't have asked her to pay for my share :-p Anyways since it was the first time we were going out i had to at-least pretend to pay for her too for that i needed a decent amount in my empty wallet.  So called up my best friend and he was broke too and he himself was looking for money. But that bugger told me that his driver is looking for a cycle and is ready to pay 500 rs ,at that time 500 rs was a decent amount and i was desperate. So without negotiating i said yes & sold my bicycle. I could have easily sold it for 1000 bucks only if i was not in such a hurry. So 500 rs in my pocket i was all set to take her out. The first hurdle was petrol, my car's fuel gauge was mostly on E. I got 200 rs worth of petrol in my car usually petrol worth 100 used to be enough but wanted to make sure my date does not have to push the car just in-case petrol gets over. So i  picked her up, she looked so damn pretty she smiled at me and hugged me it made me forget all what i went through it was definitely worth it.  So we reached the place and i guess god was with me that day as  being a weekday we got 2 bowling games for rs 200, bowling went well taught her few tips and tricks ( I aint great but for someone new i am decent) and it worked she was impressed and hugged me when she bowled a strike.  S with just 100 bucks left me came the tricky part of asking it she was hungry . So i asked if she wants to eat anything she replied not much lets sit at McDonalds. I was prepared to skip my lunch if she had ordered something heavy. She was like i will have a Chicken Mcgrill and i can't explain the feel words Mcgrill gave to my ears. So thankfully all was within budget

Well we didn't date.I Chickened out when i had the time to ask her out. We moved on!   

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